Polaroid Pinhole Camera: The Camera Obscura and Paper Flowers

I would need to load the film into the camera in a darkroom. I used some old seamless to block off the open end of a storage container.

While I was at it, I turned the container into a camera obscura.

I used a friends LED lights to compose the frame.

My 1200w/s Speedotron at full Monty *5.

A grid from the top and a bounce on the left. To get the correct exposure I had to pop my stobes at full power five times. Of course I didn’t figure that out til about the 5th frame. I only had 8 frames…

A shot from a digital camera, a digital Polaroid of sorts. This is the image we are trying to make on these Polaroid Frames.

Polaroid Pinhole Camera: The Build

I recently received a pack of 600 Polaroid Film, but do not have the camera that uses this Film.

Despite not having the correct camera, I still wanted to try to use this film. I decided I would make a pinhole camera to try to expose this film. I have a wooden box, my “apple-y box”, that I thought would work out great since there is an opening on both ends.

The film holder. I used a piece of frosted mylar as a focusing screen.

Upside down and backwards projection of a flame from a lighter on the focusing screen. 

I taped the bottom from an old, broken bracket so I could screw in a tripod plate.

I had my jewelry making neighbor drill a hole in some aluminum. A little sanding to shave off the burrs.

The finished camera on tripod.

New Addition to the Portfolio

I had seen this building in passing and was recently reminded of it on Charles Phoenix’s instagram feed (https://www.instagram.com/_charlesphoenix/). 

Here are the frames I used to compose this image:

This was my base layer.

Then I used this frame to give more detail to the light spilling out of the laundromat.

Then I dropped in the light streaks from passing cars.

This last frame looks pretty good on its own! Should that the piece? Makes the building look like a toy. With a little editing this could be an interesting image.

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